Sustainability in your core business


Companies have long considered sustainability a topic mainly related to marketing and reputation. Those days are over. In more and more companies, an awareness of social and ecological responsibility has reached the organization’s core business. This extends from companies whose business models were threatened by challenges related to a transition to a sustainable economy—such as energy producers or automotive manufacturers—all the way to companies that were specifically created for reasons of sustainability. Business models and innovations are being aligned with sustainability demands. In such an approach, corporate and sustainability strategies pursue the same goals for the medium and long term: solutions that align with the core business, stakeholder expectations and the maturity of the organization. For sustainable success, we always keep an eye on social concerns, the necessities of the market and the future viability of your company. We draw on a wealth of experience from a wide range of industries and value chains.

Sustainability Analysis & Strategy Review

We analyze how current and future sustainability challenges influence the strategy of your company or business unit. Together with you, we develop scenarios and strategic alternatives. This enables you to position your company for the future.

Sustainable Business Models & Value Chains

Sustainability challenges are changing entire value chains. New players and constellations make innovations marketable that seemed unthinkable only a short time ago. We analyze the synergy potentials of entire value chains, develop alternative business models and accompany you in the implementation process.

Sustainable Product Development

Traditional entrepreneurial product innovation processes tend to underestimate sustainability-related aspects. We bring this perspective into our customers' processes to open up new potentials.

Brand Purpose & Positioning

Brand management and sustainability are an explosive mixture. We weigh up the opportunities and risks of charging a brand with sustainability aspects, protect our clients from reputational traps and support them all the way to communicative implementation. Here, we work closely with our sister company akzente.




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Frank Sprenger

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Corporate responsibility (CR) needs to be guided by well-defined strategy. We support your journey from materiality analysis to sustainability program.


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To meet sustainability targets, good management is crucial. We provide the necessary tools - practical, goal-oriented, and pragmatic.



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We raise awareness regarding sustainability and inspire people to develop new ideas – as speakers, facilitators, or impulse generators.




We support startups in developing sustainable business models and investors in evaluating companies from a sustainability perspective.