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Sustainability in your core business

In the past, companies used to consider sustainability purely as a marketing and reputation lever. Those days are over.


In more and more companies, an awareness of social and ecological responsibility has reached the organization’s core business. This extends from companies whose business models were threatened by the challenges stemming from a sustainable approach—such as energy producers or automotive manufacturers—all the way to companies that were specifically created for reasons of sustainability. Business models and innovations are being aligned with sustainability demands. In such an approach, corporate and sustainability strategies pursue the same goals for the medium and long term.



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Impact of Sustainability on Corporate Strategy

We analyze the impact of current and future challenges on the strategy of your company or business area. Together, we develop scenarios and strategic options with you—so your company can remain viable for the future.

Sustainable Business Model Innovation

The demands of sustainability bring about change along entire value chains. New players and constellations render marketable innovations that only a short while ago would have seemed unthinkable. We analyze the synergy potentials of complete value chains, develop business model options and support you during their implementation.

Sustainable Product Innovation

Traditional entrepreneurial product innovation processes tend to underestimate aspects that are relevant to sustainability. By introducing this perspective into our clients’ processes, we open up new potentials for them.

Sustainable Branding

Brand management and sustainability can be an explosive mix. We carefully weigh the risks and opportunities of charging a brand with sustainability aspects, protect our clients from reputation traps and support them all the way to implementation through communication. In this area we closely collaborate with our affiliate company, akzente.

Sustainable Venturing

More and more companies are being founded on the basis of sustainability-oriented positioning and business. We support both startups caught between “sustainable overpromising” and a viable business model, and investors evaluating the future viability of new businesses from a sustainability vantage point.


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We bring the topic of sustainability to people on a personal level, opening them up to new ideas—as speakers, moderators and a source of inspiration for others.

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