Sustainability Management

Practical, goal-oriented, pragmatic

Together with you, we want to start where sustainability can have the greatest impact – in the core business. Good Sustainability Management is necessary to anchor the strategic relevance within the company: Clear processes, structures and responsibilities set the framework. Defined goals and fields of action and structured progress measurement set the direction. We support you in setting up and implementing successful sustainability management and provide you with the necessary tools.

Identify Key Sustainability Issues

Together, we define sustainability topics that are individually tailored to your company and support you in their implementation. Focusing on the right topics helps steer and structure current and future individual measures and entire sustainability programs. It becomes easier to set the right focus, targets and KPIs and to identify open flanks.


Creating the Right Structures

In order to anchor sustainability permanently in corporate structures and processes, it should be discussed across hierarchies and departments. One way of doing this is through thematic working groups or decision-making bodies. We work with you to define a suitable structure, reporting and communication channels, and responsibilities that build on existing structures.

Sustainability Trainings for Employees

Employees are the most important target group for integrating CR into everyday work and all decisions. In order for them to act as multipliers for your topic, they must understand the context and be convinced of the strategic relevance of the topic. We develop sustainability training in the form of information events, classroom training, webinars or online-based formats. We address each target group individually - whether managers, supervisory board members, works council members, trainees or the entire workforce.

Sustainability along the Value Chain

It is no longer sufficient to concern oneself only with the direct effects of corporate activities, i.e.: site-related environmental protection and occupational safety. Rather, it is a matter of assessing positive and negative impacts along the entire value chain, from resource extraction to recycling. This is the only way to make the most of untapped value for business and society. Together, we evaluate your value chains. We design and facilitate stakeholder dialogues with participants along the value chain to identify common opportunities and leverage synergies.

Corporate Citizenship Management

Corporate citizenship enables companies to fulfill their social commitment. The aim is to achieve the greatest possible impact, ideally through a strategy that is aligned with the core business and fits credibly with the company. To this end, we jointly define goals, budgets and key performance indicators and implement measures, employee development programs or donation management.


A credible sustainability commitment story is important for external and especially internal communication. We help you formulate core messages and integrate them into branding and corporate communications. We communicate dilemmas and conflicting goals transparently. We support you so that you remain capable of speaking - even in crisis communication.

Integrating Sustainability Requirements into Compliance

The tasks of the compliance department are constantly expanding in line with the requirements placed on companies. In addition to compliance with laws, rules and standards, it is also about keeping promises that companies make to society. The issue is therefore not only legality, but also legitimacy. With the integration of sustainability requirements into the corporate strategy, these must also be included in the area of compliance. We would be happy to accompany you in this task.




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