Positive Impact from Day One


Many startups communicate a clear claim to sustainability from day one. This is because company founders feel both the intrinsic need and the meaningfulness of a sustainable business model, as well as the external expectations from investors to customers. In order not to lose the overview in this tension between own sustainability claim and stakeholder expectations, we support start-ups with our product portfolio to find their sustainable way. Veramaris, Agrilution and Electrochaea are companies with sustainability in their corporate DNA whose development we support.



In order to be able to live and breathe sustainability in all areas of the new company from the very beginning, there is a need for investors who think beyond classic valuation models for the allocation of venture capital and thus specifically support sustainable start-ups in their development. We evaluate potential investors for you and at the same time promote the transfer of knowledge with the wealth of experience of best-practice start-ups. Conversely, we also help investors to identify suitable start-ups for their sustainable investment portfolio.

Quick Assessment

Especially in the start-up phase, it is not always easy to keep track of the multitude of challenging topics. For better orientation on how one's own company or a potential corporate investment is positioned in the area of sustainability, offers a quick check that identifies hotspots and shows pragmatic solutions.

Sustainable Business Models

Consistent integration of sustainability challenges requires anchoring in the business model. This means that appropriate criteria and indicator models are necessary in order to design business cases that are tangibly sustainable along the economic, ecological and social dimensions. We analyze the specific design needs along the entire value chain of start-ups and accompany you in the implementation phase.




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Frank Sprenger

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Traditional strategy development is reaching its limits. There is a need for corporate strategies "for sustainability".


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Corporate responsibility (CR) needs to be guided by well-defined strategy. We support your journey from materiality analysis to sustainability program.


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To meet sustainability targets, good management is crucial. We provide the necessary tools - practical, goal-oriented, and pragmatic.



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We raise awareness regarding sustainability and inspire people to develop new ideas – as speakers, facilitators, or impulse generators.