Sustainability in and through Sport


Influence, reach and impact lever offer a huge opportunity for clubs, associations, leagues and sponsors


Sport has what it takes to be an effective platform and stage for social and environmental sustainability goals. The majority of sports organizations such as clubs and associations are non-profit or have non-profit roots. They make a valuable social contribution to health and well-being, diversity, equal opportunities, inclusion and integration. In addition, sport also has the potential to sensitize people to environmental and climate protection, to initiate real change in behavior and to act as a role model and integrative force for sustainable development.

To help sports organizations to use their emotionality, reach and leverage transformatively for the positive – this is our aspiration.


Governance, Ecology & Credibility

In addition to ethical corporate governance and culture as well as risk management, environmental aspects are playing an increasingly important role. The holistic reduction of the ecological footprint forms a central foundation for achieving credibility and seriousness in the sustainability assessment. Whether as an ecologically responsible platform or as part of joint transformation projects with partners and sponsors, clubs, associations, and organizers can leverage their reach and emotionality to act as role models in society.

Brand differentiation through individual sustainability playing fields

Growing stakeholder demands should not be the only driver for enhancing sustainability: In the environment of clubs, associations or event organizers, which is often perceived as thematically interchangeable, the deliberate framing of one's own formative sustainability focus topics offers great opportunities for brand differentiation. It is important that these topics are authentically derived from the company's unique essence, history or environment. This results in increased social relevance, which helps to expand the fan base and find suitable partners and sponsors.

Opportunities for rights holders and sponsors

We consult clubs, associations, leagues, organizers and marketers as well as companies, brands and sponsors with tailor-made solutions, because embracing sustainability in sports offers huge opportunities: Through both the enormous leverage of the industry and the growing marketing potential in sponsorship and as an employer brand. 


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