For Rights Holders such as Clubs, Associations, Leagues and Organizers


Beginning with the development of a contemporary sustainability strategy leading to the formation of a roadmap and translating into sponsoring – we want to support you in developing and sharpening your contribution to the major social challenges.

Project Modules and Components

Sustainability Strategy Development and Implementation into the Overall Strategy
  • Starting at any level of maturity

  • Fields of action, key topics (materiality topics), and roadmap 

  • Sparring: Brand-defining sharpening of developed and existing strategies to differentiate from competition and create marketing opportunities 

  • Consultation on certification and possible licensing criteria 

  • Sustainability as part of the employer brand



We support you in your strategic transformation towards more sustainability and help you develop a strategy based on your materiality topics, your stakeholder requirements and potential market opportunities. Together we develop an understanding of the contribution your organization can make to the major societal challenges. Brand-relevant, differentiating focal points form the basis for the translation into marketing opportunities.

Find out more about our offer for the development of a sustainability strategy here.

Translation of Sustainability into Marketing, Sales & Partnerships
  • Development of sustainability products and marketing concepts in sponsoring

    • Implementation

    • KPIs and measurability

    • Sales integration and sharpening of argumentation

    • Go-to-Market strategies

  • Individual partnership outlines based on a common sustainability story

    • Marketing approaches for new and existing sponsors

    • Elaboration of the transformative and communicative components

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Analysis and auditing offers
  • ESG partner check and sustainability diligence for (new) sponsors and rights holders 

  • Examination of potential service providers and partners 

  • Risk analysis, e. g. on basis of environmental or human rights risks along the entire value and supply chain

Additional services
  • Sustainability Bootcamps and Executive Workshops – specifically designed for the sports environment

  • Conception and moderation of stakeholder dialogues or partner workshops



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