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We help you to utilize the power, reach and emotionality of sports for your individual sustainability communication


Together we develop specific approaches to lift your own sustainability agenda to the attention-grabbing stage of sports and entertainment.

We cooperate on integrating your essential, individual sustainability topics, your content and your offerings into your sponsorship story. We search for suitable, credible partners and develop new products, projects and measures, work on individual rights packages and tailor-made activation concepts together with you and the rights holders.

We build up an understanding of the transformational as well as the communicative level and develop an appropriate level of ambition based on relevant KPIs and transparent, comprehensible measurability. Additionally, we raise awareness of greenwashing to identify potential pitfalls and position ourselves to avoid them.

Furthermore, we raise awareness of sustainability-relevant aspects when selecting partners, extending from ESG checks to sustainability diligence, for the purpose of evaluating your advertising environment qualitatively and avoiding potential risks for your brand.



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