Sustainability in the core business

For too long, sustainability was purely a marketing and reputation issue for companies. Those days are over. An awareness of social and ecological responsibility has become part of the core business in more and more companies. This ranges from companies whose business models are threatened by sustainability risks to companies that were created in the first place for reasons of sustainability. Business models and innovations are aligned with the challenges of sustainable development.

Corporate and sustainability strategies pursue the same goals in the future. Solutions in line with the core business, stakeholder expectations and the maturity level of the organization. To ensure sustainable success, we always keep an eye on social concerns, market needs and the future viability of your company. We draw on a wealth of experience from a wide range of industries and value chains.


Our Services

Strategy Review

We analyze how current and future sustainability challenges influence the strategy of your company or business area. We work with you to develop scenarios and strategic alternatives. This way you can position your company for the future.

Vision & Mission

In order to set the guidelines for your sustainability strategy, it makes sense to think about your own mission and vision. What do you do, why and how? What do you want to achieve and what will society gain from it? What makes your company special and why should people believe you? The mission becomes the common denominator internally, the vision your promise externally. We support you in precisely developing, examining and formulating your understanding of sustainability. In this way we create the basis for differentiated positioning. 

Environmental Analysis 

The environmental analysis shows how your company and its previous sustainability commitment are located in the market along your value chain. We define the central ecological and social challenges in your core markets and the associated expectations of your stakeholders. You will receive an assessment of which requirements, expectations and topics are relevant to your core business today and in the future. What can already be measured, what developments are noticeable in the industry and what is on the horizon? What risks and opportunities arise from this? We provide you with a radar with which you can keep an eye on sustainability aspects along the value chains of individual products or services. 

Stakeholder Analysis 

It is important to know your stakeholders well and their influence on your business. Who are your stakeholders internally and externally? What expectations regarding sustainability and corporate responsibility do these stakeholder groups have? Who is skeptical of you and who is consciously working against you? How great is the influence of individual groups or people actually? We support you in creating and evaluating a corresponding “stakeholder map” as a basis for developing a sustainability strategy that takes the most important people, groups and opinions into account right from the start. 

Materiality Analysis 

The aim of the materiality analysis is to set the right thematic priorities for your sustainability program and also to meet the requirements of a sustainability report in accordance with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). In several steps, we work with you to determine whether and how global challenges to sustainable development impact your core business and what expectations your stakeholders have associated with them. An essential part of this analysis is the consideration of dual materiality. This includes assessing the impact of your business activities on the environment and society as well as the influence of external factors on your company. Through this comprehensive perspective, we support you in making decisions that do justice to both your business goals and the principles of sustainability. 

Benchmark Analysis

Your competitors operate in the same environment as you and face the same challenges and opportunities. In order to stand out from your competitors, it is important to understand them. Only then can you position yourself clearly and differentiate yourself in the perception of your stakeholders. We not only support you with competition analyses, but also in defining your specific ambition profile in contrast to your competitors. 

Strategic Framework & Goals

Together we define the strategic framework for your sustainability program. We set the guardrails on the way to realizing your goals in the areas of products & services, value chain and development of the business environment. Since strategy development always has to be tailor-made, we tailor our concepts and methods individually to your company. So that you can successfully implement your strategy, we define short, medium and long-term goals with you. These are based on the external conditions, expected dynamics and the performance of your organization. Ideally, we formulate measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) or qualitative target corridors that help you with control. 

Brand Purpose & Positioning

Brand management and sustainability are an explosive mix. We weigh up the opportunities and risks of loading a brand with sustainability aspects, protect our customers from reputation traps and provide support right through to the communicative implementation. Our approach focuses on maintaining brand authenticity to ensure sustainability messages reinforce brand identity and build customer trust. 

Sustainable Business Models & Value Chains

Sustainability challenges are changing entire value chains. New players and constellations are making innovations marketable that only recently seemed unthinkable. We analyze the synergy potential of entire value chains, develop alternatives for business models and accompany you in their implementation. 

Sustainable Product Development

Classic entrepreneurial product innovation processes tend to underestimate aspects relevant to sustainability. We bring this perspective into our customers' processes to open up new potential. 



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