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From theory to practice: Actively implementing sustainability in everyday company life.

Training & empowerment are crucial to increasing employees’ awareness and commitment to sustainability. Our programs convey the strategic relevance of sustainability and enable employees to act as multipliers. Through practical experiences, such as excursions into nature, we deepen our understanding of ecological relationships. In this way, we make a significant contribution to the implementation of the company's sustainability strategy.

Through interaction, we develop the best ideas for more sustainability. Our versed speakers have experience in various event formats. Feel free to take a look around and contact us.


Our Services

Employee Training & Engagement Formats

The employees are the most important target group. In order for them to act as multipliers for your topic, they must understand the context and be convinced of the strategic relevance of the topic. We develop sustainability training in the form of information events, face-to-face training, webinars or online-based formats. We address each target group individually – whether managers, supervisory boards, works councils, trainees or the entire workforce – such like here at the largest workshop series in the world.

Team Workshops
Face-to-face training
Web Based Trainings (WBT)
Bootcamp Sustainability BASIS 

In one day we will teach you the basics of sustainability. What is the stage model all about? How can sustainability be classified into the major transformations of our time – energy transition, mobility, nutrition and digitalization? This knowledge is essential in order to become familiar with the topic of sustainability. This is the prerequisite for being able to derive sustainability topics and objectives for your own company.

The development of sustainability to date – current challenges and opportunities
Creating a common understanding of sustainability
Thematic classification into the major transformations of our time, such as the energy transition, mobility, nutrition and digitalization
Understanding together the implications of sustainability for companies
Internal and external challenges for CR managers
Sustainability as a driver of corporate strategy with case studies
Sustainability-induced future changes and proof points
Bootcamp Sustainability STRATEGY

The company's sustainability experts serve as important advisors to management and decision-makers in various areas. You identify and address risks that arise from ecological challenges and social developments. At the same time, they recognize opportunities at an early stage that arise from a sustainable company orientation. This knowledge makes it possible to specifically define areas of action in order to create a positive impact. These topics will be deepened in the boot camp:

Stakeholder identification and analysis
Identification of relevant sustainability topics based on stakeholder demands
Development of strategies to make a positive contribution to the company
Conception of measures to reduce the ecological footprint
Setting concrete, measurable sustainability goals
Identification of potential partners for the sustainability goals.
Bootcamp Sustainability COMMUNICATION 

In order to anchor sustainability in the company, effective communication and collaboration are essential. It is important to understand the mindset of stakeholders and influence them positively. This is achieved through convincing and motivating approaches to attract colleagues, partners and customers to sustainable practices. The key is to use clear, appealing messages and a transparent, courageous manner of communication to avoid greenwashing and build trust.

"What impressed me most about the sustainability communication training were the open discussions and the honest approach to sustainable and credible corporate communication, as well as the entertaining, open and humorous manner of moderation. Finding a sensible approach to the complex topic of sustainability is not always easy for companies. This boot camp provides excellent inspiration to communicate courageously, fact-oriented and credibly internally and externally."

Marc Severin, Program Manager Sustainability and Innovation at H&T Presspart


Into the Wild. Excursion between Ammersee and Andechs

Why is sustainable development not only a necessity but also an enrichment for all of us? We want to understand, experience and discuss this together in nature outside of closed spaces. Together we explore the ecology of Lake Ammersee, get to know important tree species, bushes and herbs from our homeland, observe animals when they want to be discovered, look at rivers, experience how the glaciers of the last cold period shaped our landscape and discuss the incarnation to the Anthropocene, how humans live with and from nature, how they shape it and where we are headed. The excursion is ideal as a more sustainable team event.

"A great excursion. This was one of the most enriching events,
in which I have ever taken part and in any case an impetus to walk through nature with more open eyes."

Claudia Meindel, V. O. Patents & Trademarks


Dialogue with employees, customers, science, NGOs or other interest groups is essential when companies align themselves with the topic of sustainability. This exchange often takes place in the form of events. Whether panel discussions, workshops or a lecture in the large plenary hall – we accompany you in organizing small to very large events in various areas of sustainability. As competent and experienced moderators, we support you in designing the content and developing the agenda, as an interface to event agencies and stage managers – like here.


We want to pass on our knowledge on expert topics of sustainability and the relationship to companies in various industries and inspire, inform and motivate our listeners. We regularly give lectures at events or at universities, take part in panel discussions and give keynote speeches at internal and external company events. An outside perspective is important to us: We show the unvarnished truth, fact-based and based on experience from decades of dealing with sustainability issues – like here.



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