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Platform perspective: Development of sponsoring products for sustainability

As part of the product development, we cooperate on translating your sustainability strategy into new marketing opportunities.

Starting with deriving your central fields of action and main focal points into material and immaterial sponsoring products, we develop new marketing options and solution approaches for your rights portfolio. The scope here extends from new sponsoring levels, modules or clusters to individual (activation) components within various partnerships.

Together we create an understanding of the transformational as well as the communicative level and develop an appropriate level of ambition. At the same time, we raise greenwashing awareness to identify and avoid pitfalls. Simultaneously, we raise awareness for sustainability-relevant aspects of due diligence when selecting partners, which can range from potential entry barriers for sponsors to ESG checks and sustainability diligence, for the purpose of increasing the value of your platform and the advertising environment for partners.

We also offer to cooperate on developing an individual go-to-market strategy – also with the involvement of stakeholders or selected sponsors – and sharpen your arguments when addressing potential partners.


Partner perspective: Individual partnership outline and customized approach

In order to develop individual solutions for more sustainable partnerships, we consider the partner perspective with you on an account basis.

Together we decipher the sustainability maturity level of your (potential) partner and – based on a profiling process – develop approaches, content and components for a joint sponsoring story, based on mutually relevant sustainability issues. Your own key areas of action, your priorities, market potential, policies and sustainability-related due diligence aspects (e. g. ESG check, sustainability diligence) are taken into account for the matching process.

Our common goal is to develop market-ready approaches, solutions and stories for sponsoring cooperations, regardless of whether your aim is to acquire new sponsors or to expand existing partnerships.

Taking into account the content and structural conditions, we are delighted to outline the next steps in the go-to-market and sales process together.



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