Sustainability with an impact



For us, sustainability is more than a catchword—it’s an attitude that constantly drives us, even when we’re outside our professional environment. We see it as the responsible action of organizations and individuals that’s consistent with natural and social systems. We help shape the transformations that are needed. The UN Sustainable Development Goals serve as our compass.




They change our lives. Sustainability is their most crucial driver. We help shape transformations for the benefit of society and your organization.

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Someone refuels an electric car, this action is surrounded by a circle in fors colours. This shows that fors is offering consulting in sustainability in the mobility sector.


Cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly—mobility and logistics solutions must meet numerous requirements. The challenge for companies is this: to not simply react, but actively shape this sector.

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farmer holding organically grown red tomatoes as a symbol for sustainable agriculture and healthy diet. fors logo surrounds those hands.


Ten billion people are expected to populate the Earth by 2050. This will bring about unprecedented challenges — and opportunities — for the agricultural and nutrition industries.

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Bull made from paper symbolizing finance sector and strategy. fors logo surrounds the bull


Transformations require a committed financial sector with expertise. If this sector becomes actively involved in shaping the changes, it will benefit from new business opportunities, reduced risks and a better reputation.

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fors logo surrounds a wind mill in the sea to generate energy from renewable ressources


The Energiewende is the most advanced transformation of our society. Politics, the economic sector and legislators are redefining how we generate and use energy.


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