How to personally reach and convince people

Sustainability is a very personal and emotional field — because it concerns everyone, and everyone can contribute to improving the world. We’re deeply committed to sharing our knowledge and experience with as many people as possible, so as to expand our impact. As speakers, moderators and coaches, it’s our goal to personally reach and convince your employees, as well as internal and external stakeholders, of the importance of sustainability. Because we’ve found that the best sustainability ideas are created within a context of human interaction.


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Maintaining an open dialog with your employees, customers, the scientific sector, NGOs or other stakeholders is essential when it comes to aligning the company with sustainability concerns. This exchange often takes place in the form of events: Whether as part of a panel discussion, workshop or presentation in a large plenary hall — we’ll be happy to support you in carrying out events of all sizes and around various aspects of sustainability. As highly skilled and experienced moderators, we can help you design the content and agenda of the event and serve as your interface with event agencies and stage managers.


We’re committed to passing on our specialist knowledge around sustainability topics, particularly with reference to companies from different sectors, and to inspiring, informing and motivating our audience. We regularly hold presentations at events and universities, participate in panel discussions and give keynote addresses at internal and external company events. We believe in the importance of an outside perspective: showing the clear-eyed view of the truth, based in facts and well-grounded in experience from decades of dealing with sustainability topics.

Personal support

Sustainability is a challenging field. Our objective is to prepare you to fully master the concerns of sustainability management and get on top of new tasks and interface functions with confidence. We work alongside you to develop complex circumstances and support you in the areas of organizational development, cooperation and governance . Throughout this process, we remain fully focused on you and your specific situation within the company. Your personal needs, learning and development processes are what guide us.


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