Reaching people on a personal level - and convincing them


Sustainability is a very personal and emotional topic: we are all affected by it and can all contribute to making the world a better place. It is important to us to share our knowledge and experience with many people in order to expand our impact. As speakers, facilitators or coaches, we want to personally reach and convince your employees, as well as internal and external stakeholders. In these interactions we develop the best sustainability ideas.




Dialogue with employees, customers, the scientific community, NGOs or other interest groups is essential when aligning companies on the topic of sustainability. This exchange often takes place in the form of events. Whether panel discussions, workshops or a lecture in a large plenary hall - we support you in the implementation of small to very large events on various areas of sustainability. As competent and experienced facilitators, we support you in shaping the content and developing the agenda, and as an interface to event agencies and stage managers.

Speaking Engagements

We want to share our expert knowledge on sustainability topics and their relevance to companies in various industries and inspire, inform and motivate our audiences. We regularly give talks at events or universities, participate in panel discussions and give keynote speeches at internal and external company events. In doing so, the view from the outside is important to us: We show the unvarnished truth, fact-based and founded on experience from decades of dealing with sustainability issues.

Personal Support

Sustainability is a challenging field. Our goal is to get you up to speed so that you can master all aspects of sustainability management and confidently perform new tasks and interface functions. We work with you on complex issues and support you in the areas of organizational development, cooperation and leadership. In doing so, we focus only on you and your personal situation in the company. Your individual needs, learning and development processes are what matter to us.




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Frank Sprenger

Frank Sprenger

Founder, Managing Director

Phone: +49 160 1850888
Email: frank.sprenger@fors.earth



The chessman tower. Chess symbolizes strategy



Traditional strategy development is reaching its limits. There is a need for corporate strategies "for sustainability".


CR Strategy icon. The icon shows a plant as a symbol for growth and corporate responsibility.



Corporate responsibility (CR) needs to be guided by well-defined strategy. We support your journey from materiality analysis to sustainability program.


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To meet sustainability targets, good management is crucial. We provide the necessary tools - practical, goal-oriented, and pragmatic.





We support startups in developing sustainable business models and investors in evaluating companies from a sustainability perspective.