CR Strategy

Guardrails for responsible action

Truly understanding how one’s company can contribute to meeting certain societal needs can prove a crucial factor in the business failure or success of the company.


Corporate responsibility (CR) has become a strategic determinant affecting both a company’s core business and corporate culture. The CR strategy sets the guardrails for you to take responsible entrepreneurial action. It has medium- to long-term effects and is closely dovetailed with your overarching corporate strategy. Together with you, we create customized strategies for both your success and the long-term benefit of society in accordance with your organization’s stage of development.



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Vision and Mission

To set the right strategic guardrails, it’s advisable to always keep the vision and mission of your company in mind. What is the company’s business? Why and how? What would you like to achieve and how will society benefit from it? What is unique about your company and why should anyone believe in you? Your mission will become the common denominator inside the company, and your vision your promise to the outside world. We’ll support you in precisely elaborating, testing and formulating your self-concept, thereby creating the basis for a differentiated positioning.

Environmental Analysis

Your environmental analysis shows where your company is positioned along your value chain and on the market. To achieve this, we come together with you to define your core markets and include not just the traditional business case, but also stakeholder expectations. You’re provided with an assessment of the requirements, expectations and topics that are relevant for your core business both today and in the future. Which aspects are already measurable today? Which trends are becoming prevalent in your sector and which ones are appearing on the horizon? What risks and opportunities are arising from these developments? We’ll equip you with the radar you need to pick up on sustainability aspects along the value chain of individual products and services.

Stakeholder Analysis

It’s important to be well acquainted with your own stakeholders and their influence on your business. Who are your internal and external stakeholders? With whom do you share interests, who is skeptical about you and who is deliberately working against you? How big is the influence of individual groups or people—what are the actual facts? We support you in creating and evaluating a “stakeholder map” including recommendations for how best to communicate with your stakeholders.

Materiality Analysis

The goal of a materiality analysis is to set the right topical priorities for your sustainability and CR activities, both internally and externally, while also meeting the requirements of sustainability reporting in line with the GRI. We develop a step-by-step assessment with you of whether and how global sustainable development challenges impact your core business, and what stakeholder expectations, along with strategic and operational ramifications, are arising from it all. In this process, the UN Sustainable Development Goals serve as our main point of reference.

Benchmark Analysis

Your competitors are moving in the same environment as you are and are facing the same challenges and opportunities. If you want to stand out from them, you’ll absolutely need to understand them. Only then can you clearly position yourself and differentiate yourself in the eyes of your stakeholders. We do more than merely support you in carrying out a competitive analysis—we also help you define a specific ambition profile that will distinguish you from your competitors.

Strategic Framework

We’ll work together with you to define the strategic framework for your CR activities. We set the guardrails for implementing your targets regarding your products and services, value chain and the development of your business environment. Strategic development must always be specific to an organization, which is why we tailor our concepts and methods to precisely meet your company’s needs.

Strategic Goals

We define short-, medium- and long-term goals with you, so that you can successfully implement your strategy. These goals are aligned with the outer framework conditions, expected dynamics and scope of your organization. Ideally, we lay down measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) or qualitative target ranges to help you keep track of your goals.


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