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Practical, pragmatic and target-oriented

We want to work together with you to take action precisely where sustainability can have its biggest effect—in your core Business.


To moor the strategic relevance of sustainability in a company, effective CR management is crucial: Clear processes, structures and responsibilities set the necessary framework. Well-defined objectives and action areas, along with structured progress monitoring, lead the way. We support you in establishing and implementing successful CR management and provide you with the right tools.



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CR action areas

CR action areas help you control and structure current and future CR activities. They facilitate the setting of appropriate priorities, targets and KPIs and the identification potential points of vulnerability. We’ll work with you to define action areas that are precisely tailored to your company and support you in implementing them.

Organizational structure

CR must be discussed across hierarchies and departments if it is to be permanently anchored within company structures and processes. One way of doing this is through topical work groups or decision-making committees. We’ll work with you to define a suitable structure, reporting and communication channels and build on existing hierarchies of responsibility.


Your employees are your most important target group for establishing CR in the daily work routine—and in all decision making for that matter. For your employees to act as multipliers when it comes to your topic, they must fully understand the context and correlations and be convinced of the strategic relevance of the topic. We develop sustainability training courses in the form of informational events, face-to-face training, webinars and other online-based formats. In all of this, we address every target group specifically—whether executives, board members, members of the work council, trainees or the overall workforce.

CR along value chains

It’s no longer enough to simply take care of the direct effects of your company’s activities—location-based environmental protection and work safety, in other words. Instead, the point is to assess positive and negative effects along the entire value chain, from the use of natural resources all the way to recycling. This must happen if unused values are to benefit business and society in the best possible way. We develop and oversee stakeholder dialogs with participants from the entire value chain to identify and utilize synergies.

Corporate Citizenship Management

Corporate citizenship allows companies to meet their responsibility to society. The objective is to create maximum impact, ideally through a strategy that’s aligned with the company's core business and is a convincing fit for the company. To achieve this, we come together with you to define goals, budgets and performance indicators and to implement measures, employee training programs or donation management.


When it comes to sustainability management, a convincing story is paramount for both external and, even more importantly, internal communication. We'll help you formulate key messages and integrate them into your corporate branding and communication. We can transparently communicate dilemmas and conflicting objectives and support you in retaining an authentic voice even in the midst of crisis communication.

Integrating sustainability requirements in compliance

The scope of corporate compliance is growing just as much as the demands being put on companies. In addition to complying with laws, regulations and norms, it’s also about keeping the promises that companies have made to society. In other words, it’s about more than just legality—it’s about legitimacy. When companies integrate sustainability requirements into their corporate strategy, they must also incorporate them into their corporate compliance. We’ll be happy to support you in this task.


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