Teresa Jörg

M. Sc. Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Contact Details

Mobile: +49 151 15289555
Email: teresa.joerg@fors.earth


Bachelor degree in Communication Sciences from Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich. Master's degree in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Esade Business School Barcelona. Focus areas alongside entrepreneurial concepts have been corporate sustainability management, impact management and measurement, impact investing and social entrepreneurship. Private sector experience in innovation consulting and venture building for corporations and SMEs.

Areas of focus: Materiality analyses, development and implementation of sustainability and CR strategies, preparation and facilitation of workshops.

Top SDG: 10 – Reduce inequalities because decisions about our future are currently made by homogeneous and privileged elites – often far from the corresponding realities of life – although we need to break existing power relations, promote diversity, and adopt intersectional perspectives to make purposeful decisions.