Hendrik Leue

Senior Consultant Sustainable Finance
M.Sc. Economics & Institutions

Contact Details

Phone: +49 151 74270767
E-mail: hendrik.leue@fors.earth


Bachelor’s degree in Governance at University of Erfurt and Technical University of Tallinn, Master’s degree in Economics and Institutions from Philipps University Marburg.

Several years of experience in the area of sustainable finance and ESG research on companies as ESG analyst for financial market companies, team lead for ESG research on industrial & automotive companies as well as Head of Bespoke Research & Advisory Solutions at ISS ESG.

Core areas: ESG ratings and research for private markets, sustainable finance regulation, ESG strategy development and implementation

Top SDG: 10 – Reduced Inequalities – because global ecological and social challenges can only be solved with acceptance and together from the bottom up and equal living conditions will decide how willing people will be to trust each other – also across national borders and societies.