Hannes Marth

Working Student
B.Sc. Geography and Business Management and Economics  

Contact Details

E-mail: hannes.marth@fors.earth


B. Sc. in Geography and Business Management and Economics at the University of Würzburg with a focus on human-environment relations. Ongoing Master's program (M. Sc.) in Human Geography and Sustainability: Modeling, Monitoring and Management at the LMU Munich with a focus on a holistic and regionally differentiated understanding of sustainability.

Several years of experience in international development and nature conservation organizations as well as in research with a focus on climate change adaptation.

Work focus: Researching the content of CSR and sustainability issues in projects, assisting in the analysis and development of sustainability strategies and assisting in the development of workshops and lectures.

Top SDG: 10 – Reduced inequality is a key prerequisite for socio-ecological transformation, for example by improving access to education and health as well as the well-being of the population. SDG 10 thus lays the foundation for numerous synergies with other SDGs, which together enable life within planetary boundaries.