Dominik Durben

Managing Partner
Graduated sports scientist, focus on management & economy

Contact Details

Phone: + 49 151 7061 5961


Sports science studies with a focus on management and economics at the Ruhr University in Bochum. Many years of experience in strategy consulting and from leading roles in sales, marketing, brand management and corporate partnering on the corporate and agency side. Professional positions in various industries, especially in the sports and entertainment sector as well as in retail.

Focus: Strategy development, content derivations as well as transfer to products and target-oriented partnerships.

Top SDG: 17 – Partnerships to achieve the goals, because they represent the supreme discipline in the development towards more sustainability: International and interdisciplinary alliances between states, business, NGOs and civil society not only form the basis for achieving each of the other 16 goals, but additionally open up diverse opportunities and potential for all parties.