Sport and sustainability – status quo, opportunities and challenges

Why sustainability is rapidly growing part of the sports business.

Oconomy – 1,600,000 tons of munition are rotting away in North and Baltic Sea

Why dedicated action is needed in the area of ​​bomb disposal management in oceans.

Complexity vs. bullshitting – impact of the war in Ukraine on sustainability

The directors discuss the impact of the war in Ukraine on sustainability.

Oconomy – Choral singing, sex, food and territory: How do fish talk?

"Dumb as a fish" – a fallacy. What really moves fish.

Oconomy – Sustainability in Sailing: Current developments, relevance for sponsors

Our director interviewed professional sailor and sustainability activist Boris Herrmann et al.

What's important to participate in world events with knife and fork

Our MD moderated the FONA Forum transfer session “Take the market and consumers along”.

Oconomy and Finance – Interview with our Sustainable Finance Expert M. Bönning

The economic value of the world's largest ecosystem.

SDG 14: Life under Water – we are Business Partner of the UN Ocean Decade

The UN Ocean Decade is a global campaign to shape the ocean together.

A really incredible expedition to Antarctica that made history 107 years ago

"This almost fanatical desire to bring his people back alive became his driving force."

What is the German Overshoot Day and how is it calculated concretely?

If everyone were consuming like the people in Germany.

Oconomy – When period needs meet marine permaculture (algae tampons)

Our CEO Dr. Katechakis in conversation with Ines Schiller – nominee for Founder of the Year.

Climate Justice - international and intergenerational

An article by Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Höppe, our Senior Expert for Climate Change and Environmental Risk

Sustainable food: weighed, measured, and found wanting?

An article by our Senior Expert for Nutrition, Prof. em. Dr. Hannelore Daniel

Sustainability Boot Camps 2022 – Introducing our special Communication Boot Camps

After lots of positive feedback, we'll be offering special Communication Boot Camps in 2022

Sustainability Boot Camps 2022 – Introducing our special Strategy Boot Camps

After lots of positive feedback, we'll be offering special Strategy Boot Camps in 2022

Natural history excursion at Lake Ammersee

Also in 2022 we stick to the motto: Get out of the meeting room and into nature!

Cooperation with the Hong Kong Productivity Council

Organisation of a joint webinar with HKPC to share experiences on sustainability implementation in companies

Interview for "Nat. Research Strategy BioEconomy 2030"

Dr. Katechakis in conversation with our Senior Nutrition Expert Prof. em. Dr. Daniel – Ambassador of the BMBF's NewFoodSystems innovation space


Joining Forces for Sustainable Business

Köhninger, timesarechanging, and

What's wrong with "carbon neutral"?

An article by our founder and managing director Frank Sprenger

What do whistleblowers have to do with sustainability?

An article by our Senior Expert for Risk Management & Compliance Steven Bechhofer

What is sustainability consulting? And why do we need it?

Read our intern Klaudia's thoughts on her internship at

Interview: Corporate Responsibility at MAN

"CR is no longer a nice-to-have - it's about being fit for the future."

B the Change You Want to See

It's official: commits to even more positive impact as a B Corp!

New dates available in 2021

April 8th / May 27th / August 19th / October 7th

Corporate sustainabiltiy today and tomorrow. Join our 1-day CR Bootcamp with experts from

Kathrin Hipp on the Voices.Earth Podcast

Listen to the interview about and our approach to sustainability consulting.