The easiest way to get from important theory to crucial practice.

How do I

  • get closer to the big topic of sustainability as an interested person?
  • identify relevant sustainability issues and define adequate goals as a CR manager / sustainability officer?
  • convey relevant sustainability topics and involve, inspire and inform people credibly as the person responsible for communication?

More and more people are asking us these questions and we are happy to answer them in our boot camps. Here we provide you with basic training in 3 areas:

Basic Boot Camp

In one day we will teach you the basics of sustainability. What is the Stage Model? How does sustainability fit into the major transformations of our time – energy transition, mobility, nutrition and digitization? This knowledge is essential in order to become well versed in the topic of sustainability. Only those who understand the basis will be able to understand how possible sustainability topics and goals can be derived from them.

Details and Dates

Strategy Boot Camp

The basis was understood, you have a common understanding of sustainability. Time to think about how concrete sustainability topics and goals to develop. In interactive sessions – in a manageable group of max. 12 people – we enable you to:

  • Identify and analyze stakeholders relevant to your company: Which groups are interested in your company acting more sustainably? And what are their claims?
  • Separate the wheat from the chaff: Which sustainability issues result from the above mentioned claims for your company – and which ones are perhaps not surprising?
  • Derive fields of action from these topics so that it is easier for you to specifically outline what positive contribution your company can make.
  • Formulate specific sustainability goals for your company.
  • Understand which partners can help you achieve those goals.

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Communication Boot Camp

The sustainability issues are known, the goals are set and it feels good in your head and on paper. Now it's a matter of communicating this content appropriately to stakeholders. The following always applies: internal before external: first involve, inspire and inform the people in the company continuously, then confidently convey the message to the outside world. We will teach you how to do this in our 0.5 day Communication Boot Camp.

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Into the Wild – Our natural history excursions between Ammersee and Andechs

As part of our hike "Into the Wild 2023", which is part of the BayernTourNatur campaign of the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection, we convey to participants outside of closed rooms what sustainability actually means, why sustainable development is not only necessity but also an enrichment for everyone. The hike, which is aimed at company representatives of all stripes and other interested people, is feasible for everyone, free of charge and only requires registration at least 2 weeks before the desired date.

Details and Dates


For more intensive cooperation, the boot camps are designed for a group of up to 12 people.
Are you a career changer or new to sustainability? Then start with the Basic Boot Camp and book the other 2 boot camps for the price of one. (You are free to choose three of the 12 dates offered.)
Do you already have basic knowledge in the field of sustainability and would you like to take the next steps? Then register for the Strategy Boot Camp and / or Communication Boot Camp.


Your Contact Person:

Christina Olzowy

Phone: +49 175 454 88 17
Email: bootcamp@fors.earth




  • Corporate Strategy

    Traditional strategy development is reaching its limits. There is a need for corporate strategies "for sustainability".

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  • Sustainability Strategy

    Guided by well-defined strategy, we support your journey from materiality analysis to sustainability program.

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  • Sustainability Management

    To meet sustainability targets, right tools of the trade are crucial. Practical, goal-oriented, and pragmatic.

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  • Sustainable Innovation

    With the Fraunhofer IVV we have invented a new innovation management process: the Sustainable Innovation Process.

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  • ESG Rating Management

    ESG factors influence corporate success. We professionalize your ESG rating management together with you.

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  • CSRD Management

    Identification of material issues for double materiality and sustainability strategies with concrete goals and measures.

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  • Supply Chain Due Diligence

    Due diligence in the supply chain is relevant for every organization, as different stakeholders are making ever higher demands.

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  • EU

    Gain a strategic benefit for the future viability of your company from the collection and documentation of relevant data.

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  • Especially for Start-Ups

    We specifically support start-ups in the development and implementation of sustainable business models.

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  • Facilitation & Impulses

    Reaching people with sustainability and inspiring them to new ideas – as speakers, initiators or moderators.

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