Due Diligence

What are the target company's key sustainability issues? How high are the ESG risks?

Portfolio companies must be carefully selected: with regard to convincing financial indicators, but also concerning risks and market potential in the areas of environment, social issues, and governance.
We support you in formulating an ESG risk framework and carry out targeted ESG due diligence for potential investments:  

  • Screening for compliance with your ESG investment strategy
  • Opportunity and risk analysis, including formal environmental due diligence if required
  • Due diligence report as input for your investment decision

A typical due diligence looks like this:


  • Desktop Research: Publicly available company and industry information
  • Definition of a sector-specific set of indicators

On-site visit

  • Questionnaire-based interviews with management and employees
  • Site inspection

Evaluation and due diligence report

  • Assessment of ESG performance and key opportunities / risks
  • Ascertainment of demand for further environmental due diligence (if necessary, commissioning of partners)
  • Preparation of a due diligence report 

Our Services to embed ESG in your Investment Process

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