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 | 18-03-2020

The link between sustainability and innovation at SGL Carbon

fors.earth supports the implementation of corporate responsibility and sustainability

ICCA Sao Paulo


Due to its business areas related to carbon and graphite products, and glass and carbon fiber reinforced plastics, SGL Carbon is constantly dealing with topics related to resources and climate. These products are an important part of various value chains including in the automotive and aviation industries and are therefore a significant factor in the generation of climate-friendly value chains. The challenge at SGL Carbon was to carry sustainability-related issues further into the core business and reporting.

Solution and Impact

The focus of this project was highlighting the importance of sustainability issues for individual products and core departments of the company within the framework of corporate responsibility (CR). To this end, several working meetings and workshops were held with representatives of important business units. The aim was to outline a conceptual framework in which sustainability aspects are already integrated into the innovation process of R&D. 

Over the course of the cooperation, fors.earth was able to provide important impulses for the implementation of corporate responsibility and sustainability in the core business, sharpen SGL Carbon's reporting and make recommendations for optimizing the necessary organizational structures and process paths.