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 | 17-08-2022


A brand that shows its colors


PURe ink Farbeimer


Make the advantages of a sustainable paint system visible at a glance and communicate them in an understandable way.



A sustainable color system – and nobody knows about it


PURe ink systems AG, that has its roots in Epple Druckfarben AG, has developed a new generation of more sustainable printing inks for sheetfed offset printing with the PURe ink system. Other then printing inks used to date, in this color technology – with the exception of the color pigments – only renewable raw materials are used that are completely harmless not only to health but also ecologically. This also sets the PURe color system apart from other eco-inks, which still use potentially toxic and environmentally harmful additives.

The use of PURe printing ink enables printers, the packaging industry and agencies to make their products more environmentally friendly and to express their corporate responsibility. Consumers, in turn, benefit from odorless and non-hazardous print products or food packaging. However, PURe faced the challenge of communicating the advantages of its own patented color system with a story that should be equally relevant and obvious to all stakeholders.



The story of PURe: Less is more


The PURe sustainability story was developed in several steps. First, the fors.earth team analyzed the existing brand communication with regard to its positioning towards the various stakeholder groups of PURe. Part of this analysis was also a look at the company's own value chain and the industries linked to it, as well as a comparison of the positioning of competing market participants. Furthermore, we identified the key sustainability issues and requirements from the value chain, such as the implementation of a circular economy in the chemical industry or the ensuring of toxicological safety.

In doing so, we also followed industry-specific guidelines, such as those issued by the VCI (Association of the Chemical Industry) and Responsible Care. Based on the knowledge gained here, the technical performance characteristics of the paint system were then compared to market participants, market requirements and the existing regulatory framework. We discussed the result of this analysis in a workshop with the management of PURe and defined the properties that distinguish the PURe ink system from existing eco-inks. This laid the foundation that was then formulated as sustainability story. The condensate of this story, in turn, was graphically processed as a PURE purity law / seal and table.



We are so free: sustainability in black and white




With the PURe purity guarantee, the technically complex properties and advantages of the PURe color system were visualized in a simple and understandable way for all stakeholders. The PURe purity table shows at a glance how PURe differs from other commercially available conventional printing inks as well as eco-inks. Our project support enabled the PURe ink systems AG team to effectively communicate their sustainable unique selling proposition, but also to identify potential non-sustainabilities and address them in the future.


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