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 | 23-08-2022


Update for the largest climate workshop in the world



Climate protection is mandatory – and can be a lot of fun. #Project1Hour, probably the largest climate protection workshop in the world, provides the proof. All employees of the Volkswagen Group were invited to this project for the second time in a row – that is, over 670,000 employees from all over the world.



Climate protection is not done in a day


Volkswagen is reducing CO2 emissions to zero by 2050, is focusing on electromobility and is working on the biggest change in automotive history. However, changing the company is not enough. Each individual is asked to take action and make everyday life more sustainable, both privately and professionally. Volkswagen – that's 670,000 employees who make an impact.

In 2021, more than 250,000 employees took part in #Project1Hour – probably the largest workshop campaign on climate protection that has ever existed. Earth Day 2022 meant for the Volkswagen Group: keep going. Because the desire of the workforce and brands to continue to be active against the climate crisis is present. It quickly became clear: The #Project1Hour will be held again.



With #Project1Hour 2022 we are giving a new impetus  


We took the positive response and the great commitment of the workforce and went one better. For even more courage and creativity in climate protection. For a stronger networking of people and their climate ideas. For even more joy in being active and for even more impact. Because climate protection cannot be a one-off action, it must be sustained.

Here, too, fors.earth provided support from the outset, primarily on a conceptual level and developed the content and methods of the workshops. We gave the 1-hour workshop a new look - with new impulses and workshop concepts. Because we know from 2021: The workforce is creative, has its own ideas and is interested in new things.

In addition to the tried-and-tested 1-hour workshop from 2021, which e. g. includes a climate quiz and a quick CO2 test, we offered the “focus variant” for anyone who wanted to focus on a specific topic. Here the participants could choose from the areas of nutrition, mobility or consumption – popular topics from the previous year – and develop specific individual climate protection measures. The highlight: This workshop variant is based on "reverse brainstorming". The method helps to break out of usual thought patterns and to develop completely new solutions for individual climate protection. By turning the world upside down for a moment and asking yourself how you can really heat up the planet with your own diet, mobility or consumer behavior, you broaden the horizon for creative ideas for climate protection.



Every Day is Earth Day


Once again, the employees of the Volkswagen Group were given an hour in 2022 to deal explicitly with climate protection and their personal contribution to it.


With almost 300,000 participants, the number of participants increased by 20 % compared to the previous year. And the workforce has understood: After the workshop, things have to continue. Climate protection is an ongoing task. And the mood also confirms this: 80 % of employees are motivated or highly motivated and want to continue their climate action after April 22, 2022.

Communities on various topics – nutrition, materials, mobility, travel and many more – have come together via the company's internal social media to network, motivate and support each other in implementing their goals and projects. This took the commitment beyond the factory gates and the "1 Hour" to a new level.

Almost every ten thousandth person on earth is a Volkswagen employee. Climate protection in 35 languages on five continents means an enormous social leverage.




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