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 | 04-02-2019

Kaufland. Doing makes the difference

More and more sustainability on the shelves, cooperation that brings joy and satisfied customers - one of our banner projects in the retail sector

Kaufland is primarily known as a full-range retailer with a reputation for product diversity in the food and non-food sectors. What the retail company also stands in for is often lost in the shuffle: They are very active in the area of sustainability. Our own experience confirms this: we have now been working with and supporting the company for a year and a half in strategically advancing the topic of sustainability.

Together, we have implemented measures that, on the one hand, sensitize employees to the issue of sustainability and, on the other, make the product range and the company more sustainable at its core. The prerequisite for this concrete and uncomplicated advancement of sustainability is that the highest decision-makers in the company consider the topic important. This is precisely the condition that exists at Kaufland. The Group is constantly working on its impact on the environment and society. Kaufland places particular emphasis on the topics of nutrition, home and animal welfare. They also pay attention to their supply chains and employees. They set ambitious goals for these focus topics and also realize them consistently and in quick steps: For examples, they will reduce the amount of sugar, fat, and salt in their private label products by up to 35% by 2021. Because Kaufland doesn't just want to talk about sustainability. The company wants to live sustainability. Hence the new initiative: "Doing makes the Difference“.


Such positive developments are special highlights in our work. They show us that we are still on the right track and working for those who really mean it. The new initiative in particular shows that our most important goal - changing the mindset of people in companies toward a sustainable economy - is bearing fruit. We look forward to future projects, because doing really does make a difference.