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 | 29-09-2023


Sustainability teams from eight countries and three departments – time for a real meeting



Driving forward sustainability projects in 8 countries requires an exchange at eye level

The topic of sustainability has grown at a large grocery retailer over the years. More and more people from very different departments are dedicating themselves entirely to this topic. The strategic timing comes from the international sustainability department and is translated for the departments by the departments Purchasing International and Corporate Communications International. The respective departments in the countries are then responsible This is a great success because sustainability has become part of the core business, particularly through its anchoring in purchasing.
However, through the division of the 30+ sustainability officers across eight countries and three international departments, coordination became increasingly challenging.  


Promote and intensify the exchange

After almost three years in which meetings could only take place virtually due to the pandemic, it became increasingly clear how important it is for those responsible to meet in person.
The 30 CSR managers from all eight countries and other colleagues of the large grocery retailer were invited to Frankfurt for two days to clarify mutual expectations, sharpen role models, promote team building and give impulses for concrete improvements in cooperation.
We designed the workshop methodology, took over the overall moderation and led many interactive components of the two-day meeting.



Taking exchange and collaboration to a new level

The two-day workshop proved how motivating personal exchange can be. Most of the participants saw each other “live” for the first time and gained new enthusiasm for the future.
The agreed improved structures and the clearer distribution of responsibilities also made everyday collaboration easier and encouraged the participants to pull together even more to implement the topic of sustainability at the large grocery retailer.

“Modern technology has enabled an unprecedented level of exchange, especially in recent years. Nevertheless, nothing beats meeting contacts and colleagues in person.”
(Alexa Junker, consultant and project manager)


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