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 | 13-08-2020

DAW Stakeholder Dialog

Circular Economy
in the construction
and real estate sector


Frank Sprenger leads through the DAW Stakeholder Dialogue 2019 on Circular Economy





DAW SE (Deutsche Amphibolin-Werke) is a leading manufacturer of construction paints in Europe and develops, produces and distributes innovative coating systems. Every year, DAW organizes stakeholder dialogues with selected industry representatives on relevant sustainability topics. In view of the ever-increasing consumption of resources today, the focus of the 2019 Dialogue was "Circular Economy" in the construction and real estate industry.


Together with akzente, fors.earth developed a concept for the topics and methods involved. Frank Sprenger guided the about 65 participants from the fields of architecture, trades, business, politics and science through the day in Ober-Ramstadt. He led the discussion on how to successfully accomblish the shift from a linear economy to a circular economy in the construction and real estate industry.


The stakeholder dialogues are closely related to innovation processes at DAW and provide impulses for a sustainability-oriented development of the value chain in the real estate sector. Because DAW is a family business, the suggestions can be implemented at DAW in a relatively short time.


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