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 | 14-08-2020

Audi Dialog 2020

Audi Dialogue 2020


fors.earth accompanies the Audi Stakeholder Dialogue on sustainability





Sustainability is a central pillar of the Audi corporate strategy "Consistently Audi". The involvement of internal and external stakeholders is essential for the continuous development of the sustainability strategy. In order to bring them together, a suitable event format was needed to enable an open and honest exchange.


As part of the Audi Dialogue 2020, the car manufacturer invited representatives of suppliers, customers, NGOs as well as other industry-relevant companies and academic institutions to share their opinions with Audi experts, develop joint ideas and intensify communication. The topics of discussion included current developments in the areas of charging infrastructure, digital responsibility, human rights and circular economy.


Through an open and honest discourse with a wide range of stakeholders, the Audi Dialogue 2020 made it possible to identify the role Audi can play in the development of sustainable solutions and the approaches that could be promising for the future.


Audi Stakeholderdialog 2020

Valuable discussions on charging infrastructure, digital responsibility, human rights and the circular economy

Together with fors.earth, a two-day event format was set up. In a total of four workshop formats, experts from Audi presented the latest developments, ideas and concepts from the company's point of view. Frank Sprenger from fors.earth facilitated the two workshop days and guided the lively discussions. The main topics of the individual workshops were charging infrastructure, digital responsibility, human rights and circular economy.

Through keynote speeches, the participants were given a first insight into what the respective topics mean for Audi and which current developments are taking place there. All participants then had the opportunity to share their ideas and suggestions in individual working groups. Under the guidance of Audi experts and colleagues from fors.earth, the small groups worked on different aspects of the topics, such as opportunities and challenges, cooperation possibilities and expectations towards Audi, which were later discussed further in the plenary session.

The interactive group work and the lively discussions over the two days provided important insights and impressions that can now help Audi to drive sustainability in these individual areas.