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 | 27-04-2021

Joining Forces for Sustainable Business

Köhninger, timesarechanging, and fors.earth

Joining Forces for Sustainable Business


„The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” - Robert Swan

Sustainablity. Only a couple of years ago, the "why" of sustainability was sometimes heavily contestet in companies and outside. Today, it is mainly about the "how" and the right timing. (Un-)sustainability is capable of capsizing business models of all size companies. Stakeholders from all walks of life increasingly expect consistent answers to burning questions. Now, it is all about action. Looking at the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, one cannot help but noticing the closing windows.

For companies, sustainability has become a meta-topic - a complex challenge and opportunity, asking for a whole variety of perspectives and competencies.

As a consequence, we, - Köhninger, timesarechanging, and fors.earth – have decided to move ahead and join our forces.

Three consultancies, each having successfully accompanied corporations on their path towards sustainability, have come together to forge a strong coalition for sustainability. Each bringing their diverse competencies to the table, firmly grounded on strong values and convictions. Combining them to an integrated, yet diverse approach. Offering customers "one face to the customer" with multiple competencies. Integrating consulting services consistently:

Köhninger experienced and recognized top-level-experts for transformation and future readiness;

fors.earth: a well-established strategy consultancy for sustainability - "for those who really mean it";

timesarechanging, a fresh consultancy for cooperation, marketing and sales in all aspects of corprate sustainability.

Bespoke Approaches for Corporations as well as SME

The joint offering will be tailor-made to companies of any size and trade. There will be a modular approach specifically for SME, catering to individual requirements. Practical strategies will be translated into individual use cases, including tangible approaches to improving the supply chain.

Sustainable Development Goal 17

We believe in the power of cooperations when transforming complex business models. Our integrative consulting approach therefore strongly builds on SDG 17 - partnerships for the goals. Building on shared values and aspirations, mutual trust and the deep conviction to turn partnerships into better value for our customers.

First Success Stories in Automotive and Sports

Our first joint projects have been symbolic for different consulting requirements: a project tackling the sustainability strategy for an automotive client, has been focussing on constant improvement and implementation. Whereas a client from professional sports stands for the current dynamics in many industries: starting to look for more sustainable solutions in both the company itself but also its product offerings.

Resilience and Future Readiness

Köhninger, timesarechanging, and fors.earth: our joint aspiration is to make our clients far more resilient. We stand for decades of experience, an open word, and a credible commitment to sustainability.


More information on the partners can be found here:

Management Consulting – Köhninger GmbH

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