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 | 03-02-2021

Into the Wild

Natural history field trips for company representatives of all backgrounds as well as other interested parties


Herrsching am Ammersee

April 09 / May 28 / August 20 / Oktober 08 2021


Into the Wild 2021


What does sustainability mean anyway? Why is sustainable development not only a necessity for all of us, but also an enrichment? We want to understand, experience and discuss this together outside of closed spaces in nature.




Together we explore the ecology of the Ammersee, learn about important tree species, shrubs and herbs of our homeland, observe animals when they want to be discovered, look at flowing waters, experience how the glaciers of the last cold period have shaped our landscape and discuss how humans have lived with and from nature since the dawn of man to the Anthropocene, how we shape it and where our journey is going.

We will learn not only from the field trip leader, but also from each other. The hike is doable for everyone. The path has hardly any inclines and we take our time to pause again and again and experience the nature around us.

Having arrived at the monastery of Andechs in the afternoon, we can strengthen ourselves in the monastery tavern before making our way back in a circular route.


Into the Wild is part of the BayernTourNatur campaign of theBavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection.

Bayern Tour Natur



Full-day field trip between Ammersee and Andechs



The field trip with Dr. Alexis Katechakis between Ammersee and Andechs Monastery gave me fascinating insights into our natural resources such as the Ammersee, the Kienbach creek and the forest as well as its inhabitants. The vivid explanations of ecological contexts made this short hike an enriching experience in nature.


Holger Ladewig, CEO Ladewig Asset Management GmbH



For whom?


Maximum 12 participants, 14 years and older (for younger people we offer a separate field trip).

The group is deliberately kept small so that we can discuss easily with each other and there is enough time to address all topics and questions.

Attention: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the maximum number of participants is limited to 5 until further notice in order to be able to keep distances.


The field trip leader


Dr. Alexis Katechakis

Biologist, sustainability expert, hunter, beekeeper and falconer


Dates, Location & Contact


Each trip runs from 10:00am to approx. 6:00pm

April 09 2021
May 28 2021
August 20 2021
October 08 2021

Meeting Place: S-Bahn Station Herrsching at the end of the track

Please contact:
Inka Dollinger
+49 (0)89 20 20 56-63


Registration & Price


Registrations are first-come, first-served. Registrations are possible until 2 weeks before the desired date by contacting exkursionen@fors.earth

The field trip is offered free of charge to all participants.



A great field trip. This was one of the most enriching and interesting events I have ever participated in and definitely an impetus to walk through nature with more open eyes and to read up on some of the topics.


Claudia Meindel, V.O. Patents & Trademarks




Please note that participation in the field trip occurs at your own risk. Liability of the organizer, trip leader and the landowner is excluded.