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 | 14-08-2023

Sustainability consulting: How does an internship look like?



This is what our interns say about us:


“The internship enriched me in many ways. I gained numerous insights into the business of sustainability consulting. While working on a project in technology and mechanical engineering, I had the opportunity to experience all stages of creating a sustainability strategy and gained a lot of new knowledge as a result. I also supported many internal projects (e.g. the creation of the Code of Conduct). After my internship, I was taken on as a working student, which allowed me to gain further valuable professional experience during my master's degree in International Management in London. I am very grateful to the team for the great time and the knowledge I was able to gain during this time."

Jule Mäder, 2024, (M.Sc. International Management, ESCP Business School)


“I had a really great experience in my internship and was impressed by the impact that a team like this can make. If you have any questions or are interested in an internship in sustainability consulting, please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to hear from you!"
Here Klaudia described what sustainability consulting means in her eyes, why sustainability consulting is needed and what myths surround sustainability consulting.

Klaudia Guzij, 2020 (M. Sc. Media, Management and Digital Technologies, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)


“An internship in sustainability consulting at fors.earth is not a “typical” internship. From day one you are given a lot of responsibility and a lot of trust in project work. But the best thing is the team and the people. Appreciation, friendliness and opportunities to try things out are not to be taken for granted.”

Anne Hoffmann, 2023 (M. Sc. Sports Economics, University of Bayreuth) 


"Through my internship at fors.earth, I got a great impression of what sustainability consulting is all about in the area of sustainability. When accompanying a health insurance company, I had the opportunity to experience all stages of creating a sustainability strategy from start to finish and was able to acquire a lot of new knowledge. I was also involved in many other projects. After my internship, I was taken on as a working student, so that I can continue to gain valuable professional experience during my master’s degree in Global Change and Sustainability in Vienna.” 

Clara Mehringer, 2023 (B. Sc. Geography, University of Augsburg)  


"Exciting projects, varied tasks and a great team are just three of the many good reasons why an internship in sustainability consulting at fors.earth is recommended. I was involved in a project right from the start and was able to work in different project phases and contribute my own ideas. I became more and more aware of the important contribution strategy consulting makes to cross-industry companies on the way to a sustainable economy and why it is an important player in sustainability transformation". 

Hannes Marth, 2023 (B. Sc. Geography and Economics, University of Würzburg) 


"I was impressed not only by the variety of clients and projects, but also by the diversity in the entire team. During my time at fors.earth, I was able to gain valuable experience in different areas of sustainability consulting, be it in creating internal training documents on legal requirements or in direct customer contact with major players in the automotive industry, in the sports sector, or in smaller companies with their very individual requirements. This diversity enabled me to get a taste of different areas of expertise, to get to know my own strengths and weaknesses and preferences, and to exchange ideas with colleagues. Especially during an internship, I see this as a great opportunity for personal development I can unreservedly recommend an internship at fors.earth.” 

Maria Buchsteiner, 2022 (M. Sc. Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna)  


“I have very positive memories of my internship in sustainability consulting at fors.earth. The great willingness to help and the open and cordial interaction among the colleagues made it easy for me to quickly settle into the team. During my internship, I was not only able to gain a wide range of insights into various companies and participate in the development of their sustainability strategies, but I was also able to get involved internally at fors.earth, for example by developing a dashboard tool for project management. One of my personal highlights was being able to contribute to workshops on-site. Finally, looking back, I can definitely say that the internship at fors.earth prepared me well for my Masters in Sustainable Development in Uppsala.”  

Theresa Gerstbrein, 2022 (B.A. International, Cultural and Business Studies, University of Passau) 


"fors.earth wants to make a real impact – and this is also possible with its interns. I felt incredibly comfortable in an appreciative and inspiring team from day one and was immediately able to take on a lot of responsibility, both in advising clients and in internal development. Even though it was difficult for me to say goodbye: I look back on my time at my time in sustainability consulting at fors.earth with pleasure, as it has helped me enormously both personally and professionally.” 

Lucas Hellbusch, 2022 (M. Sc. Sports Management, University of Wismar)  


“During my sustainability consulting internship, I had the opportunity to learn from various projects how companies can bring sustainability into their core business. I particularly liked the organization and implementation of management training courses, in which we enabled managers to implement more sustainability in their area. What particularly made my time special at fors.earth was the great team, in which I felt very comfortable right from the start.” 

Teresa Stetter, 2021 (M. Sc. Sustainable Resource Management, TU Munich)  


"The internship at fors.earth was an incredibly exciting and great time. I was particularly impressed by the shared conviction of all colleagues for honest sustainability consulting, as well as the opportunity to participate in interesting projects actively and significantly. Working at fors.earth  has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally.” 

Fynn Sowinski, 2021 (M. Sc. Finance & International Business, Aarhus BSS)