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 | 23-11-2023

Supreme discipline: Integration of sustainability into the core business



What is being told, counts less and less, what i being achieved counts more and more: Under this motto, around 30 participants discussed why sustainability management and communication will be more about stringency, substance and transparency at the event “sustainablility – it counts” by HGB Hamburger Wirtschaftsbericht GmbH & Co. KG. 

The following provided good topics of conversation: 

  • A report analysis of the 160 DAX companies
  • Different types of greenwashing and the answer to the question of how companies can have their communication and marketing statements examined for the risk of greenwashing
  • Helpful findings from neuroscience for effective sustainability management
  • The importance of planetary boundaries for successful entrepreneurial transformation
  • The necessity (but also possibility) of sustainability storytelling in times of CSRD 

Frank Sprenger showed why resources for corporate sustainability should be used with a clear focus. Frank presents his core messages in the video. He also answers the question of whether he sees a tendency among companies to greenwash or to use sustainability as a real opportunity. 

Many thanks also to Flip editor-in-chief Felix Rohrbeck and neuroscience expert Dr. Maria Hoffacker. As an editor in the economics department at ZEIT, Felix Rohrbeck was involved in uncovering the Cum-Ex scandal and explained how, as an investigative journalist, he is helping to ensure that greenwashing is no longer worthwhile for companies in the future. Dr. Maria Hoffacker showed how the potential of the human brain can be used to encourage people to act more sustainably. 

Their key messages are available here in short video formats. 

The contributors' presentations are available upon request from HGB.