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 | 07-10-2022


Does sport have the power to change the world sustainably?


A fors TALK about the scope, understanding of roles and relevance of sport in the context of sustainability


In our fors TALK format, we invite guests to discuss sustainability issues with us. We get to the bottom of urgent questions, cover current consulting projects and search for creative ideas and impulses – in a maximum of 15 minutes.

"Sport has the power to change the world" - Nelson Mandela's famous quote sets the benchmark for our current fors TALK.
Dr. Alexis Katechakis and Dennis König from timesarechanging – a consultancy for sustainability in partnerships, marketing and sport – exchange views on the role that sport can play in the major transformation issues of our time.
They explain which values ​​we should learn from small amateur sports clubs as well as large sports organizations in the fight against climate change and explore the question of whether sustainability in sport is actually lived and understood or is only used as an effective means of communication.

By the way: If you like our format fors TALK and you have a question or a request for a future recording or would like to be a guest yourself – get in touch. We look forward to ideas, suggestions for topics and new faces. Contact us at: info@fors.earth.