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 | 06-01-2021

B the Change You Want to See

Business as a Force for Good


With the start of the year 2021 it's official: fors.earth commits to even more positive impact as a B Corp!

What are B Corps?

Certified B Corporations® (B Corps for short) are companies that are committed to social added value and environmental sustainability. There are now over 3600 B Corps in more than 65 countries. During the certification process, corporate governance, employee rights, and environmental, social, and customer impacts are put to the test. For B Corps, the stakeholder approach is paramount: instead of measuring success solely in terms of profit maximization, B Corps take into account the needs of all stakeholders impacted by the company's activities. This is codified in the company's bylaws. Certification must be "renewed" every three years and becomes more demanding each time.

Zertifizierte B Corporation

Why did we decide to become a B Corp?

Ever since our founding, we have stood for sustainable entrepreneurship and only work with customers who really mean it. We wanted to officially record these values by seeking a demanding, internationally comparable certification. The certification is not only an award for us, but above all an incentive to further increase our social and environmental impact, in cooperation with our customers.

How can we use the B Corp certification positively?

With the certification, fors.earth is now part of the B Corp community, through which we can network with other companies that share our values. This community includes internationally known sustainability pioneers like Patagonia, as well as German startups like Soul Bottles. We hope that through this community we can learn from others as well as share our own insights. We also hope to motivate other companies, including our customers, to join us in the future.