Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Höppe

Senior Expert Climate Change, Environmental Risks
PhD in Meteorology, PhD in Human Biology

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Longtime experience in research and teaching at different university institutes in the fileds of Biometeorology, Climate Change, and Assessment of Environmental Risks. 14 years Head of Division Geo Risk Research / Corporate Climate Centre at Munich Re. 8 years advisor for climate change for the Bavarian State Government, Founder and Chair of Munich Climate Insurance Initiative, Board Member of Global Climate Forum. Adjunct Professor at Institute for Catastrophe Risk Management of NTU in Singapore, Leader of consultant team of a Technical Assistance “Strengthening Climate and Disaster Resilience of Myanmar Communities” of the Asian Development Bank.

Top SDG: 13 – Climate Action – because in the long term the climate crisis is the greatest and also most existential crisis of mankind in this century.