Our team

Achieving maximum impact for sustainable development while guiding companies through transformations.

That’s our commitment.

Managing Director and founder of fors, consultant for strategy Frank Sprenger

Frank Sprenger

Managing Director of fors and strategy consultant Alexis Katechakis

Dr. Alexis Katechakis

„These necessary transformations offer companies multiple opportunities, too.“

Anton Breinbauer

„Designing and living customer centric sustainability with impact: It is possible!“
Senior Consultant for sustainability in nutrition, mobility, energy, finance, strategy, transformations at fors Kathrin Hipp

Kathrin Hipp

Senior Consultant Philipp Schär in the area of brand and product positioning from a sustainability perspective

Philipp Schär

Junior Consultant for sustainability at fors Inka Reichelt

Inka Dollinger

„This is where I can turn my personal convictions into professional practice.“
Junior Consultant for sustainability at fors Jana Lukas

Jana Lukas

„Collaborating to drive meaningful projects forward—that’s what I’m here for.“
Junior Consultant for sustainability at fors Johannes Strehlow

Johannes Strehlow

Christina Olzowy

Yan Tung Chan


Our Senior Experts


Prof. Dr. Hannelore Daniel

Dr. Frank Steding

Holger Ladewig

„It's high time for action, waiting is not an option and nostalgia is not a business model.“

Prof. Dr. Dr. Peter Höppe


Our current interns and working students


Nina Gonzalez Tablada (B.A. Business Administration, Munich University of Applied Sciences)

Alexa Junker (M.Sc. International Management, International School of Management Munich)

Teresa Erben (M.Sc. Sustainable Resource Management, Technical University of Munich)

Anna Berghe von Trips (M.A. Responsibility in Science, Engineering and Technology, Technical University of Munich)