ESG Due Diligence & Screenings


Robust and transaction-specific screening of ESG factors plays a central role in asset allocation and the specific selection of individual investments. Goal:

– Identify / reduce specific risks
– Tap market and impact potential
– Select assets in line with the investment strategy


Private Markets

  • Detailed ESG due diligence for customised analysis of
    • red flags und status of ESG management
    • possible action fields and market potential
  • Quick check through ESG scorecard in the deal sourcing process

Liquid Assets

  • Advice on the selection of suitable ESG data suppliers based on ESG policy
  • Support with interpretation and use of data as well as the determination of the target universe

Selection of AM and GP

  • Supporting asset owners and limited partners in the selection of asset managers and general partners that are suitable from an ESG perspective
  • Screening of portfolios on behalf of AO and LP



Our services for ESG strategy development and implementation





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