We provide strategic consulting in sustainability—for clients who really mean it.

Future Insights Workshop: fors.earth in Sao Paulo

fors.earth conducted the 2nd Future Insights Workshop in Sao Paulo for the International Chemical Association ICCA

Close up of a VW logo on the front of a car. Through the reflection one can recognize trees. Suggesting the relation between mobility, environment and sustainability.

Volkswagen Group Environmental Conference

fors.earth supported a two-day, group-wide sustainability conference of the Volkswagen AG at the Mobile Life Campus in Wolfsburg.


Big swarm of fish from sustainable aquaculture of Veramaris

Innovation for sustainable aquaculture from Evonik and DSM

Veramaris is a new Company dedicated to the production of Omega-3 fatty acids from natural marine algae. fors.earth continues to provide consultancy on strategic development and market entry.



Companies play a core role in the transformation of society—and our job is to support, challenge and encourage them. We are deeply convinced that sustainable change can only flourish in collaboration with the economic sector.


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projects completed since fors.earth was founded in 2016


Someone refuels an electric car, this action is surrounded by a circle in fors colours. This shows that fors is offering consulting in sustainability in the mobility sector.


Cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly—mobility solutions must meet numerous requirements.


farmer holding organically grown red tomatoes as a symbol for sustainable agriculture and healthy diet. fors logo surrounds those hands.


Ten billion people by 2050. This is an enormous challenge for the agricultural and nutrition sectors.


Bull made from paper symbolizing finance sector and strategy. fors logo surrounds the bull


Global transformations require a committed financial industry that is prepared to actively help shape the change.

fors logo surrounds a wind mill in the sea to generate energy from renewable ressources


The Energiewende is the most advanced transformation. How we generate and use energy is already in the process of being redefined.


  • Corporate Strategy

    Traditional strategic development is reaching its limits. Corporate strategies “for sustainability” are the order of the day.

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  • CR Strategy

    Corporate responsibility (CR) requires a clear strategy to be effective—internally and externally.

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  • CR Management

    CR targets can only be reached with the right tools—practical, pragmatic and goal oriented.

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  • Sustainable Finance

    Integrating sustainability into its core business is the primary challenge of the financial sector.

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  • Impulse

    We bring the topic of sustainability to people on a personal level, opening them up to new ideas—as speakers, moderators and a source of inspiration for others.

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