| 01.03.2018

Innovation from Evonik & DSM for sustainable aquaculture




Omega-3 fatty acids from natural sea algae

With Veramaris, Evonik and DSM have established a new company for the production of omega-3 fatty acids from natural marine algae for animal nutrition: The joint venture, in which both companies have an equal share, is based at the DSM Biotech Campus in Delft (Netherlands).



The DSM and Evonik algae oil make it realistic for the first time to breed salmon in aquaculture without the use of fish-based resources. This EPA and DHA-rich alternative could significantly reduce the fish-in-fish-out ratio in the future. This will allow the aquaculture industry to continue growing sustainably.





Sustainability in the DNA of the product

fors is proud to have accompanied the development of Veramaris from the beginning and to continue to support the international market entry.

For us, Veramaris is an important example of how far entrepreneurial sustainability can go. Sustainability is not an accessory of old-fashioned business models, but anchored in the DNA of the product itself.



"Our EPA- and DHA-rich algae oil is the answer to the call for a sustainable source of omega-3 fatty acids."


Karim Kurmaly

CEO Veramaris




Natural fish stocks can be spared

Until recently, animal feed was almost exclusively supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids from marine sources such as fish oil or fish meal, which have limited availability. Currently, around 16 million tonnes of wild fish are caught each year to produce fish oil and fishmeal.

By using natural sea algae, Veramaris contributes to closing the gap between supply and demand for omega-3 fatty acids while protecting marine biodiversity.