| 10.09.2018

Future-Insights Workshop: fors.earth on behalf of the International Chemical Association in Sao Paulo


Food and production will change considerably as we move towards a carbon neutral society. The 2nd Future Insights Workshop in Sao Paulo addressed the questions of what the changes in the two sectors will look like and what contribution the chemical industry can make.

In the interactive workshop format, selected participants discussed upcoming transformations as well as potential approaches of the chemical industry, which were then evaluated. We attach great importance to the contribution of a broad audience with representatives from all stages of the value chain of both sectors. This time we welcomed for instance BASF, Evonik, Embrapa and Unilever as participants.


Workshop ICCA Sao Paulo


The chemical industry’s ambition is to play a leading role in the transformation of the world economy to reach the 2-degree target, by creating innovative climate and energy friendly solutions for its own processes and for many other industries through chemical products. ICCA is committed to pushing this agenda. Currently KPMG and fors are researching into relevant chemical low-carbon technological solutions, innovations, business models and products that have the potential to be deployed beyond 2050. To gather additional insights and validate our findings we are engaging with external stakeholders as part of this workshop series. Other Future Insights workshops will take place in Pittsburgh and Berlin.

The results of the workshop will be summarized by akzente in a compelling and easy to understand publication on the contribution of the chemical industry to the 2-degree goal for political decision-makers and the interested public.