| 01.08.2018

The Contribution of the Chemical Industry for a 2-degree world

fors supports the global chemical association ICCA in finding innovative solutions for a climate-neutral future


Which technologies, innovations and products will prospectively have the biggest contribution towards a carbon neutral society? Which frameworks and requirements need to be adressed for solutions to achieve their full potential?

These questions are raised by the global chemical association ICCA within the framework of the project "Future Insights: The Contribution of the Chemical Industry to a 2-degree world". The goal is clear: The chemical industry wants to play a leading role in transforming the global economy for a climate-neutral future. An ambitious target for whose implementation fors and KPMG support the international industry association.

We are currently identifying climate-friendly products and business models in the chemical industry that have the potential to be used after 2050. To gain additional insights and validate our findings, four workshops will be conducted worldwide with external stakeholders - each with a particular focus on two sectors.

In our first workshop in Tokyo we were already able to attract a diverse audience including participants from the Energy Innovation Center, the Toyota Motor Corporation, Mitsui Chemicals, CDP Japan, the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Three further workshops will be held in São Paulo, Berlin and Pittsburgh– each of them with a special focus on two sectors.

Workshop results will be included by our colleagues from akzente into a compelling and easy to understand publication targeted primarily at policy makers and the interested public.

If you are interested in attending one of the workshops, please contact Johannes Strehlow.