We provide strategic consulting in sustainability — for clients who really mean it.











What we do

First steps of a sustainability marathon


Matieriality, mission statement, roadmap, communications: 1 sustainability strategy for the leader in methacrylate chemistry

660.000 employees - one hour for our climate


From Chattanooga to Beijing, from Audi to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Probably the world's largest workshop series for climate protection

Sustainability on a country-by-country basis


A series of workshops for the national organizations to define country-specific focus areas for the sustainability program.

Two days of stakeholder dialogue at eye level


Planning & facilitation of the Audi Dialogue 2020: EV charging infrastructure, digital responsibility, human rights and circular economy.

Underwater shot of fish. Alexis Katechakis is in the background.

Accompanying a sustainable innovation to market


Veramaris' algal oil is revolutionizing the aquaculture industry. fors.earth accompanied the innovation all the way to the supermarket shelf.

Sustainability trainings for managers


The entire management team is being prepared for the future - with customized awareness raising and strategy training for sustainability.








Companies play a core role in societal transformation - and it is our job to support, challenge and encourage them. We are deeply convinced that sustainable change can only flourish in collaboration with the economic sector.










„Natural history field trips between Ammersee and Andechs. See all dates here“





Sustainability Consulting


  • Corporate Strategy

    Traditional strategy development is reaching its limits. There is a need for corporate strategies "for sustainability".

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  • CR Strategy



    Corporate responsibility (CR) needs to be guided by well-defined strategy to be effective - internally and externally.

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  • CR Management



    To meet sustainability targets, the right tools are crucial. Practical, goal-oriented, and pragmatic.

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  • Facilitation & Impulses

    We raise awareness regarding sustainability and inspire people to develop new ideas – as speakers, facilitators, or impulse generators.

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  • Start-Ups & Investors

    fors.earth supports start-ups in developing and implementing sustainable business models.

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Managing Director and founder of fors, consultant for strategy Frank Sprenger

Frank Sprenger

Junior Consultant for sustainability at fors Inka Reichelt

Inka Dollinger

„Here, I can take my personal convictions to work - and make them reality.“
Managing Director of fors and strategy consultant Alexis Katechakis

Dr. Alexis Katechakis

„The transformations to come present countless opportunities“
Senior Consultant for sustainability in nutrition, mobility, energy, finance, strategy, transformations at fors Kathrin Hipp

Kathrin Hipp



Sustainable Development Goals


For us, sustainability is organizations and individuals acting responsible in ways that are consistent with natural and social systems. We help shape the transformations that are needed. The UN Sustainable Development Goals serve as our compass.




Who we work for



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